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Iowa City Law Firm With 37 Years Experience and a Solid Reputation

Lawyers are skilled litigators handling family law, criminal defense and civil matters
The law firm of Spies, Pavelich & Foley, LLC has 37 years of experience handling criminal defense, family law and trial law.  We have extensive experience litigating and are frequently sought after through referrals. Our office is located in Iowa City and our practice extends throughout Eastern Iowa.Areas of the law the attorneys at Spies, Pavelich & Foley, LLC can help you with include:
  • Appeals
Lawyers are prepared to take your case to court
Many attorneys can prepare a case, but it takes a high level of skill and experience to bring a case to a successful conclusion in court. We litigate cases in family law, defend clients against criminal charges and handle general civil matters. Our firm can also assess a case for mistakes and file an appeal.Family law in Eastern Iowa
The attorneys at Spies, Pavelich & Foley can help you in all aspects of family law. We work closely with you during divorce proceedings, child custody cases, negotiations of child support and more. Our team can help you get the results you want through careful and meticulous preparation.Law firm helps you get a fair defense against criminal charges
Our firm can defend you against criminal charges. If you have been accused of a crime in Iowa, we are ready to help. If not handled properly, your case can have far-reaching negative consequences. At Spies, Pavelich & Foley, LLC, we review the case and work hard to make sure you get a fair trial.Contact a skilled and experienced law firm in Iowa City today
At Spies, Pavelich & Foley, LLC, we are prepared to fight for your rights in court. We have experience and knowledge to work for you in family law, criminal defense and general civil matters. Contact our Iowa City office today by calling 319.337.4193.
The attorneys of Spies, Pavelich & Foley, LLC serve clients in Iowa City, Iowa and throughout Johnson County and Eastern Iowa.